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However, you may want to steer clear of an at-home microneedling tool. “While the science may support these treatments, in actuality they seem very risky for at home use,” says Dr. Paik, “there is a very real risk of infection, irritation, and scarring with limited guidance on how to perform this procedure or what products to use afterward.”

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Skincare tools are a hot commodity in the skincare world, but are they really worth the hype? From a facial steamer to a facial cleansing brush, there are a lot of skincare tools out there. Today board-certified derm Dr. Aimee Paik is sharing her take on these popular skincare devices. We’ll be breaking down what these tools are and if they’re actually as effective as they claim to be.

Many people love to use a facial roller or gua sha tool in their skincare routine. They originate from Eastern cultures and have been used for thousands of years for facial massage. Dr. Paik’s take? “These facial tools may help facilitate lymphatic drainage and facial congestion when used properly.” This can help reduce puffiness and improve blood circuliation by draining lymph (the fluid that flows through your lymphatic system)

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